The Swarovski’s Crystal Jewelry Colors

For more than 100 years ago, Daniel Swarovski from Austria and his sons invaded the Crystal Jewelry industry using their patented Swarovski’s cutting machine, they divided their crystals into different colors under the The Daniel Swarovski Corporation established in 1895.  This article will identify you their patented crystal colors that you can give to your precious love ones.


First in the list is the simple name and color that they called it “Crystal” and the other one as “Crystal AB”.  Then followed with the “Topaz” and enhanced with the “Erinite”.  After too much innovation from their cutting machine they discovered the “Rose”, “Light Siam” as well as the “Sapphire.”  Then they explored the jewelry industry into “Cobalt”, and the “Lilac” and later on the “Tanzanite” bound into market.  They discovered the beauty of the other crystal jewelries such as the “Amethyst”, “Smokey Quartz” and the “Black Diamond” that most of the pirates hacked every single crystal.


After long years of exploration, they found out there are also colors of crystal jewelry such as the “Jet”, and “Fuschia”, then the “Emerald”, and the “Aqua” amaze every eyes of mankind especially the ladies.  Then followed with new discoveries of jewelry colors like the “Indicolite”, “Padparadscha”, and the “Violet”.  Until they divided the previous colors out more light crystal colors like the “Light Amethyst”, “Light Rose”, and the “Light Sapphire.”  And because of the fast growing corporation of the Swarovski, they discovered more colors.  Next in line of jewelry colors by the Swarovski’s are the “Capri Blue”, “Peridot” and the “Garnet.”  And another light color came into picture – “Light Topaz.”

Remember your recent wedding anniversary? What did your wife received from a generous husband like you? Did she received such unforgettable “Montana Sapphire” that won’t imagine that you afford that crystal color? Did you gave your wife a precious gift such as the “White Opal” or the “Blue Zircon”?  And are you generous enough that you can buy different crystal jewelry colors like “Ruby” or the “Crystal Dorado” for your next anniversaries?  Or with or without occasions you can beautify the body of your wife showing the “Bermuda Blue”, “Light Peach” and “Shadow Crystals” that balance the skin tone of the one wearing it.

For the ladies, you have to be aware that upon wearing the crystal jewelry colors, it should be match also to the color of your outfit.  Don’t ever wear jewelry colors that contradict the color of your gown.  Even before the previous centuries, they already wearing the above mentioned crystal jewelry colors but they are not aware that kind and only the clan of Swarovski identified it.

The Swarovski’s four generation crystal industry is the largest supplier of full lead crystals around the globe for about 75% of the total crystal supplies.  The Swarovski’s maintain the fine faceted and polished, extracting the sparkle of the brilliance of each crystal.

The Swarovski’s cuts of Crystal Jewelry colors are all showcased in different internet stores designed with different kinds of jewelries such as bracelets, anklets, watches, necklaces and other that will beautify the body of the beholder.

You can also buy directly to the Swarovski Corporation if you want to make your own bracelets or any other jewelry to wear to showcase your own handicraft creation in every party you will attend.

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