Crystal Jewelry: Not Going Out Of Fashion

More and more women are loving crystal jewelry.  Even the young generation are loving its elegance and charm.  There are different styles of crystal jewelry, necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a lot more.

For women, getting the right ornaments and accessories would accentuate a beautiful outfit, if not make even a drab outfit look glamorous.  Aside from accenting the outfit, using the right jewelry will also emphasize body parts which can give the wearer a great look.  For example, wearing crystal earrings would give the wearer an air of style and sophistication.

Different Colors

What is great about crystals is that they are not dull. Crystals have different colors.  There are crystal beads that are transparent or have smoky colors.  Thee are also bright ones which is in red, yellow, green and blue.  If you want a darker color, there are also black and gray beads.

Different Shapes

In addition to the interesting colors, there are also different crystal shapes.  There are found-faceted, cube, heart-shaped and bi-cone.  There are also jewelry manufacturers who would make pendants in shape of stars, teardrops, crosses, and snowflakes.  Different cuts and colors of crystal jewelry are great to suit the different fashion looks or reflect your own style.

There are four beautiful crystals that would make great jewelries:

Rose Quartz–  this is one of the most rare quartz since it is seldom that this crystal is transformed into a gemstone.  The color ranges from pink to the its darkest color, red.  Although they are not as shiny as other crystals, they look wonderful in jewelries combined with emeralds, rubies and diamonds.  Sadly, this kind of crystal tends to crack  easily.

•  Amethyst– this crystal has the purple color, which can also be seen in a shade of lilac.  This is a common fixture in crystal jewelry whether it is earrings, necklaces, bracelets or pendants.  Although it is not very shiny, it is still one of the best pieces that could be worn.

• Turquoise stone – this kind of jewel has blue color with streaks of brown.  Sometimes it would have green color and black streaks instead of brown.  It could also have a very light blue color.  It is ofted used as pendants or can be seen in chains.

• Cornelian stone–  this type of quartz crystal has the shades of orange and red.  This kind of crystal is often combined with bronze, brass and silver to make great pieces of bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Having different pieces would also you to match them to different kinds of occasions.   For example, crystal jewelry that has single-colors for also sing-le colored dresses and small banquets.  While there are crystal earrings, that would even go with simple shirts and jeans.

Aside from jewelry shops, handmade crystal jewelry is also building its own credibility.  You can easily look for great designs in online stores.  The good thing with handmade crystal jewelry is that you can be sure that they are not mass reproduced and what you have will be something unique.

Crystal jewelries are also becoming poplar gifts.  During holidays, you can see that the number of people buying crystal jewelry was even greater than before. Its sales have considerably increased this past few years and the trend shows that it will continue gaining popularity.

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