Crystal Jewelry Birthstones

There are only twelve months in a year but there are different Crystal Jewelry colors to choose from for your birthday but you have no idea what kind of color that will match for your birthday presence.  This article will help you ask for a gift from your father a particular crystal beads that will match not only in your gown but matches also in your birth month.



Let’s say that you was born in the month of the Aquarian – that’s January, your primary birthstone is Garnet.  Then upon seeing the beauty of the world in the month of February, your ultimate birthstone is Amethyst.  Swimming around the womb and finally move out to live the world in March you will be dedicated for the Aqua birthstone.  They say that you are fool when you were born in the month of April that’s why you were only assigned a simple precious stone like Crystal.

The beauty of the land you’ve seen during the month of May with to much precious stone like Emerald will sparkles in your eyes.  Then, a White Opal birthstone matches most especially during the month of wedding days like June, that’s why you were giving a new light as white means new hope.


But if were born in the first month of the second half of the year that will be sold to you is a Ruby stone that mentioned during the era of Joseph the Dreamer in the Holy Bible – Old Testament at the end of Genesis that their precious half brother were thrown away to the Egyptians and became powerful at the start of Exodus.  And as Augustus Caesar came into power the sign of a Peridot stone was very splendid.  The month of August was named after Augustus Caesar kingship.


If you were born in September and your name will start the letter “S”, the precious birthstone is Sapphire will surely sparkle your eyes.  As the first month of last quarter of the year, your birthstone Rose is purely match for the month of October.  As we all know that October is the tenth month of the year and if you observed that most of the rose flower had ten petals.  Topaz will be leading your birthstone if you were born during November while a Blue Zircon beads will beautify your skin matching your birth month of December.

As you ask for a gift from your father the above mentioned birthstones will surely made your birthday celebration a sparkling celebration from your anklets, bracelets, necklace as well as your hair clip or crown beautify the right birthstone for you.  If your father can’t afford the ready made anklets, bracelets, necklace and other jewelries for your debut, you can advice him to directly buy your precious birthstone to Swarovski Corporation and buy some Sterling Silver wire and you are the one to handicraft it.

Looking back the history of Crystal Jewelry, even before the time of Moses, there were already crystals but not that precious as today.  The most precious that time was water because of the heat from the desert.  But today most of the people can risk their life to get a precious stone because their dream will move positively if they got it.

So, make sure if you got your birthday presence from your father the right birthstone don’t ever wear those necklace and bracelets in the public that will eventually risk your life against other people.

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